C-Tow Marine Assistance App

C-Tow Marine Assistance App

The Challenge

C-Tow wanted a cross platform app for Android and iOS which pulled information from your phones location while making an emergency phone call so they could dispatch an operator to assist. In addition, we accessed information from Environment Canada Weather and Fisheries & Oceans Tides. Working with any government content providers are always challenging.

The Solution

We started from scratch, designed and developed a solution that was tailored to Android and iOS. We created a UX and UI design that fit the customers environment making it easy to navigate to all parts of the app. We had fully tested, deployed on the store and have provided a few updates since launch. Recently, the app was used to save a life!


Corporate Rebranding


App Design

Month Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile App Boosted Engagement

Mobile Refresh

Ensuring apps are 100% responsive in design is not only important, it’s necessary in today’s smartphone landscape.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Taking an new idea and transforming it using today’s latest technologies

User Engagment

Users want the best experience possible when using your app, make it engaging and user friendly with 100% positive feedback

See your speed and compass heading utilizing the OS’s native gps and compass.  Locate nearby marine facilities, fuel docks with google maps.  Take a great C-Tow featured photo and share using the phone’s camera and local storage. View Tides Graphs by rotating the app overriding portrait mode with access to a secure server.

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