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a2z’s experience and portfolio makes us the ideal company to take on the crucial development stage of your project. Our team are multi-platform experts, meaning we can offer our services across the iOS, Android and responsive websites.

Our clients can attest to the work we do, they range from start-ups, charities to larger corporate entities. The diversity of our projects and the technical challenges they bring, has put us in the best position to guide you through the development process. Find out more about the services we offer below.


Mobile Development


The iPhone has transformed the smartphone market since its release in 2007.  It changed the way people communicate with each other and is a device that millions of people worldwide now rely on. iOS is ideal for a wide variety of applications and its high resolution screen allows for particularly detailed graphics. As the iPhone can support very advanced technology, there are few limitations when developing apps for the device.  Therefore, the variety of apps available will continue to grow as long as new ideas emerge.


The exciting OS by Google which powers 70+% of all smartphone market is undoubtedly the leader in the ‘Battle of the Operating Systems’. The open eco-system of Android has worked in favour of Google & it runs most of the major smartphones in the world today. Getting an application developed for your business gives you a chance to tap this huge market.


Mobile web solutions are becoming an integral part of the mobile strategy of companies worldwide. A2Z combines years of industry experience with cutting edge HTML5 technology to deliver mobile web solutions that showcase the true potential of this new and exciting technology. HTML5 brings user experience to another level by incorporating gestures such as swipe and zoom, video and audio embedding, and includes a storage database allowing offline use. Most important of all, there is no need for plugins to get all these features, as all the latest browsers fully support the new features of HTML5.

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Web Development


When we build your new website, we’re also working with you to solve any business problems you may have. You might need more visitors, conversions or sales, or all three. We’ll work with you to make that happen.  We create websites that provide a great user experience and look good on all sorts of devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops and even TVs. This is known as responsive design.

Your users at the heart of the process

Building a successful website means putting your customers at the heart of the process. We learn as much as we can about the people that are going to use your site and what they’ll need from it. Good website experiences matter to people.

By listening to our clients carefully, we learn what they and their customers need. We use this deep understanding of your business to build the right website for you and your customers, putting them at the centre of the process, not just what technology or fancy features we can use.

Creating your website

Our design process is content-first, meaning we start to collect your content before design begins. This to ensure we design your site around exactly what you need it to say and how you need it to be said.

Once we have your content and a thorough understanding of your needs, we design simple mockups of pages, called wireframes, which allow us to test the functionality and whether it’s appropriate for what the user wants to do. Only when you are completely happy with our ideas, will we begin to design your site.

Once you are happy with our designs, we will build your site using code or a content management system. All the elements are put together and thoroughly tested to make sure they work seamlessly, then put live.

We can build websites using the WordPress and Joomla! platforms, depending on the functionality you need.

Talk to us today about your project and we’ll bring it to life.

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Design & Branding


We have extensive experience in UI & UX design and will analyse and perfect the usability flow in your app, and with our expertise you will be able to see your brand implemented throughout your app, from the logo to individual menu buttons.

After years in the mobile industry, we know the importance of collaborative development. You are involved in the development process every step of the way to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and your app has the best chance of success.

Users respond to aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly apps & websites. Prior to development, a2z offers a number of bespoke packages from demo apps to full branding and designs, ensuring your app & website appeals to its target audience and stands out within the crowded app stores and mobile websites.

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